Dauphin Lake RV Park sets its sights for 2017

Favourable weather condition is the key to the Dauphin Lake RV Park opening in mid May 2017.  Winter construction continues to finish the pads, roads, and haul material for each lot.  Electrical service will be trenched and hooked up ready for the opening in the spring. After clearing out the weeds (populars) and leaning ash trees, the RV Park is shaping up well.

The Ebb and Flow Construction who was hired to work on the project managed to finish lifting up some low areas of the park up to two-three feet. The land when surveyed showed the need to bring majority of the park up, having no choice but to clear some trees out.  Hats off to the construction company for its hard work and dedication considering 65% of the summer days were all rain; then the fall closed operations with 9 inches of rain during a week in October.  The land froze up really good so winter construction will begin to start the finishing touches to ready the electrical and landscaping at the RV Park in the spring.

Plans are in place to finish each lot with trees and shrubs along with closing up the RV Park with an automated gate.  Signage, cameras, street lights and the buildings will be in place prior to the opening.  A sold campaign to fill up the RV Park this year will be under way shortly with pricing for seasonal parking.  See the map at http://www.dauphinlake.com/rv_park/book_now.html for your spot you would like to book today!

Ice Fishing Derby set for Dauphin Lake in 2017

The Dauphin area is known for many things, this includes golf at Dauphin Lake Golf Resort (DLGR), just a few steps away from the shores of the Dauphin Lake. What really jumps out for the winter months while your golf clubs are put away is Ice Fishing at the Dauphin Lake just minutes east! Dauphin Lake, one of Manitoba’s prestigious ice fishing holes is what makes your visit to Dauphin a memorable one. So DLGR is bringing back an event that is perfect for Dauphin’s winter months.

The Dauphin Lake Golf Resort (formerly the Dauphin Lake Golf Club) would like to announce the new Dauphin Lake Ice Fishing Derby, set for Saturday, March 18th, 2017. This event will take place off the shores of Dauphin Lake, in front of the DLGR’s Clubhouse through Bond Street access road at Dauphin Beach.

“We talked about bringing an event such as this to Dauphin Lake the moment the new group acquired the Dauphin Lake Golf Resort, and now here we are”, said CEO Boh Kubrakovich.

The event highlights include $10,000 cash for the first prize and additional cash prizes of $1,000 each for 2nd to 10thplace (with the minimum contestants of 500 entered.) Attendance draws during the event, and merchandises will be given away. One lucky winner awaits a Free 2017 DLGR Golf Membership along with 50/50 draw will be held at the event.

Tickets are available for $70 cash per entry along with a second hole for $30. If you purchase your Early bird ticket by February 1st you will have a chance to win $1,000.

Tickets are available in Dauphin at Sticky’s Bait and Tackle, Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, Parkland Yamaha, Pernarowski Accounting.

Putting for Christmas at Dauphin Market
Place Mall

A great turnout over two weeks at of Putting for Christmas at Dauphin Market Place mall saw 300 putters go through and try their luck. The challenge was there and towards the end many participants managed to get one or two holes in receiving an instant prize. Participants you hit all three won a dozen DLGR golf balls.

Business increased days before Christmas with many interested in what’s happening at DLGR and of course the newly announced Dauphin Lake Ice Fishing Derby.

The draw was made for the grand prize with Jessica Goodine from Dauphin winning the Membership at DLGR for the 2017 golf season. Cameron Catcheway won the Play 12 rounds for the 2017 season. Other prizewinners winning shirts and golf balls include Jasmine Thompson, Orville Heschuk, Lloyd Rowe and Larry Johnson. Arlene Hanke won an entry into the Dauphin Lake Ice Fishing Derby on Saturday, March 18th.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants. See you at the Dauphin Lake Ice fishing Derby on Saturday, March 18th.



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